Pilates Success Stories

At Align Pilates Studio, we’ve heard a lot of Pilates Success Stories. Pilates can help with sports injuries, treatment of the spine, and elderly rehab.

Align Pilates Studio - Pilates Success Stories

I was born with scoliosis of the spine. As I began to age I would have pain in my back and figured I’d have to live with it. I was in a car accident and was diagnosed with whiplash. After 6 months of physical therapy my doctor advised me to go to Pilates with Beneth. Within a few months my neck was great and I realized my back stopped hurting. I stand taller feel stronger and will always continue Pilates . It’s truly remarkable ! Beneth is the Best!
Sharon K


Pilates has changed my life. For 10 years I lived with crippling lower back pain. I’m very physically active on weekends and regularly walked into the office on Monday bent over in pain. Since doing pilates and strengthening my core the pain is gone — so much that my coworkers think I’m getting lazy on the weekends.
Jake B


Dealing with long term injuries is not a fun journey. Then I was given a recommendation to meet Beneth Arceneaux. Wow! This is the first physical commitment that I could stick with. My body is stronger and I feel it! People have remarked on my increased activity and I am beyond thrilled on what I can now comfortably do! I’m 50 (and thanks to Beneth and Pilates) loving it!!!!
Lisa P

Align Pilates Studio - Pilates Success Stories

I have been taking Pilates with Beneth for 3 years. She creates an inviting, safe and fun workout environment.  She is quick to modify exercises for each individual so that all can get the benefit. If you are on the fence about taking Pilates with her, just do it. You will not be disappointed.
Pat S


I have a history of lower back pain which I have managed with exercise. I love playing golf! Since I’ve added pilates training into my weekly workout my golf game has improved significantly and I’m moving much better.
Mark H


I’m 81 years old and started pilates because my granddaughter made me! It’s made such a difference in how I feel. I’m standing taller, I’m stronger, I have less “turkey neck” and my nighttime incontinence has greatly improved.
Align Pilates Studio Client

Align Pilates Studio - Pilates Success Stories


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